Can Machine Sentry® be used for lubrication activities?

Details on how lubrication related tasks can be setup and used in the platform.

Good lubrication management is a key part to any effective maintenance strategy. Machine Sentry® provides the flexibility to integrate lubrication management activities along with other condition monitoring data.

Here is a useful list of what is possible regarding lubrication in Machine Sentry®:

  • Schedule lubrication tasks down to lubrication point level
  • Set lubricant quantity at individual lubrication point level

  • Set lubricant manufacturer, type and grade at individual lubrication point level

  • Customisable alarms to show when task is overdue/coming due

  • Customisable alarms to show over and under lubrication

  • Lubricant usage down to point level tracked and trended

  • Lubrication ultrasonic readings stored, tracked and trended

  • Lubricant tasks assigned to specific individuals

  • Reports for lubricant usage, schedule compliance, action notes, asset details, etc.

  • Image of component for ease of identification – tablet and web

  • Site/area schematic available to user to assist in locating an asset – tablet and web

  • Paperless system – Android™ device/web based

  • Barcode/RFID identification (takes you straight to the asset to be lubricated) 

  • Oil analysis data imported direct to the asset – no separate database

  • Oil analysis alarms customisable within the database, and trended

  • KPI information for schedule compliance and asset health

  • Asset and component details such as Gearbox manufacturer, type, speed, bearing details, etc. stored at component level